In last month I together with from my parents went on pięcio dniową trip to Egypt. Trip began from flight with airplane to capital of Egypt – Cairo where we had lodging. We from only arrival felt the change of climate. During whole stay temperature did not fall below 25 degrees Celciusza what was enough with attention with interesting survival on this, that in Poland temperature did not cross 0 degrees. I had first day after arrival opportunity to see in Gizie pyramid: Cheopsa, Chefrena, and Mykerynosa as well as sphinx's mysterious statue. We spended the rest of day on independent sightseeing Cairo. It visited next day Kairskie Museum in which the the largest treasures of ancient Egypt were accumulated was. We rumpled opportunity also to to flow down river to Kom Nile Ombo, it which the largest attraction is temple consecrated Sobekowi, Hathorowi and Chonsunowi. We could there look at mummified crocodiles' delays. Third day the ułynął on extradition of Egyptian pounds, because we visited the papyrus' factory and the perfumes, as well as the famous bazaar the Khan the El the Khalili where we bought a lot of souvenirs. We spended next day "in pharaohs' company” because we visited Kings' Valley where we had opportunity to admire tomb Ramzesa VII as well as Tutenchamona. We went on long walk with evening after neighbourhood during which rumpled opportunity to admire beautiful plants such how: acacias, date palme as well as blue and white lotuses. In ostatnim day we participated in cruise with guide after Nile. The guide told the us about fauna and the flora of Egypt. We rumpled opportunity even to see alive crocodile.
Trip pleased me very, I found out many interesting things, Egypt on subject this beautiful country what is. I saw many interesting places also and relics. I am sure, that I will not forget to end of life this trip and I with certainty will want to come back there