For me, Christmas is the most important time in the whole year. It is the only time when my whole family is together. People are nice and kind to each other.
In my home, preparation for Christmas begin with the start of the Advent when my family and I go to the Church. The first sign of the coming Christmas in my home is the freshly baked smell of the gingerbread, which is prepared earlier so what it is soft when needed. Christmas also means great cleaning of the house which I do not like.
Christmas Eve, is a day which begins early morning in my home, because according to an old Polish tradition anybody who oversleeps, will oversleep the whole year. We do not eat breakfast this day because strict fast binds us until supper. This day the women in my home spend in the kitchen all the time preparing twelve dishes. The men go to the forest for the Christmas tree and they dress it with glass balls, paper chains and festive lamps. They decorate the whole house as well.
When the first star appears in the sky, the whole of my family sit at the festive table. Under the tablecloth hay is laid but one place remains for an unexpected visitor. On the table are twelve dishes i.e.: beetroot, mushroom soup, ravioli, herring. There is also the main dish - carp. However, my own delicacies are gingerbread.
Before eating we say the common prayer, we divide the wafer and we express our most sincere wishes. We give the wafer to animals so that they can speak in a Human voice. We unpack the presents from under the Christmas tree and we sing together Christmas carols after the meal. Next we go to the church for a solemn Midnight Mass. The first and second day holy we spend in a family setting.
Christmas is a time when people are mild, kind and good towards each other. The only drawback in that this time cannot last the whole year.
Approaching Christmas. I really like this period because I help my parents in all the preparations for Christmas. even 2 weeks before Christmas, we begin to shop and buy all the necessary products for the food that day. in the meantime we do cleaning and clean house for Christmas days. A few days before Christmas Eve, I'm going with my dad on a real tree. December 23 decorate our house, so that was the most beautiful in the area. On the roof hang colorful lights, the house we put Nicholas on sleigh with reindeer and decorate the tree with chains. Then, at home we dress our Christmas tree. Hang balls, chains, colorful lights. Under the tree can not be missing many gifts for all family members. When our Christmas tree is decorated beautifully, with my mom to make a contribution for the preparation of Christmas delicacies. Carp fry, cook soup with noodles, we make dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms, prepare noodles with poppy seeds. At our Christmas table can not fail to wafer and hay under the tablecloth. Of course, always prepare one free seat at the table for stray wanderers. When everything is ready, impatiently waiting for the first falling star. Then we sit and watch gifts for Christmas dinner. Christmas is the most precious time of the year.
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