It appears from data of the Central Statistical Office that the emigration of Poles abroad, starting from 2004 assumed the largeness what is associated with the entry of Poland to the European Union and opening the next labour markets. With the day of 1 November 2007 r. the government of Luxembourg made the labour market available for Polish citizens, in the same period German authorities without limitation opened the labour market for Polish engineers – of specialists in the mechanical engineering and vehicles and electrotechnicians, as well as facilitation for foreign graduates of German colleges led at a job-hunt after receiving a diploma. With the day of 1 July 2008 r. were also carried all restrictions in the access to labour market for Poles in France, and from 1 May 2009 r. Poles can – unnecessarily of obtaining a permit – to work in Belgium and Denmark. At present – out of countries „ old 15 - tki ” – only Austria and Germans in spite of sure facilitation in some sectors still are keeping restrictions on their markets, requiring work permits from Poles. zacunki of emigration drawn up by the GUS are presenting the number of emigrants from Poland being abroad temporarily in years 2004 - 2008 – according to states in the end of each year.


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This report is devoted to analyzing the results of research on migration
Poles paid to Ireland. This matter falls within the wider context
What is the phenomenon of international mobility. The broadest definition of the phenomenon
says that migration is a relatively permanent change of residence of individuals
within a given space. There are many criteria by which usually
to describe the migrations. And so for the reasons one can distinguish migration
Budget (aimed at improving the living conditions of immigrant), political
(Due to lack of acceptance of the political actions of the authorities of their country),
voluntary (non-economic nature hikes), and forced
(Eg, caused by natural disasters) 1 In turn, because of the duration of
distinguished migration: permanent, temporary and seasonal - a commercial for a short
period, associated with seasonal works. It should be noted that
one of the changes that have occurred in recent times as a emigration of Poles
(Except for increased frequency) is the periodic rise in popularity
and seasonal departures from the country.
The changes observed in Poland are one of the causes of growing interest
migration issues.