Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. How much books ,can I borrow?
2.When can I return books?
3.Book is called with Children book Bulerbyn.Author Lindgren Astrid
1.Participants wear terrible costiums, like vapires,mermaids ,witch. and Different other .
2.Something Impact to window-pane, and everybody think, that was a ghost . But they They were mistaken. It was a bird and And each laughed
The party stardet at 16:00 For hour 23 :00
1.It in my opinion not truth. Then, my friends visit me when leisure beguile. think, that limitation of contact is with my friends useless.
2.Arguments are falsehood, as there are oldest persons but everything person prevents oldest, I think even quiet Tallking .I think that this arguments are wrong ,
3.I think, that we can solve conflict, in order to two part were satisfied. They will visit me my familiar more rarely, if it will visit me be maintain already courteously and quietly.But then, they will not put hosts on our theme arguments

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