PILNE ! Blagam o pomoc :))
Napisz o swoich planach i marzeniach.
Musza byc wykorzystane zwroty min: I'like, wish, won't, going to etc.

W tych planach musza sie znalezc info o skonczeniu szkoly, zdaniu matury, zdaniu prawka, dostaniu sie na studia i oczywiscie ukonczeniu ich, znalezienu fajnej pracy, wyjsciu za maz, dzieciach, domu o tym ze chcialabym znac perfect angielski, niemiecki, francuski i wloski no i tak dalej wiecie o co chodzi mozna jak najwiecej wymyslac i myslec abstrakcyjnie.

Minimum 1 kartka z zeszytu

z gory wielki dzieki tylko prosze zeby bylo to poprawnie gramatycznie :)



Unfortunately, Isaiah, but in Poland to get a doctorate and buy a house but rather the things which can not be reconciled to God to have a home you have to have money, and a doctoral student at the salary, which is something around 1000 zł, rather can not afford to buy a home.
And I have called the object methods and techniques of sociological research, the exercises I have created a questionnaire, the lectures will be in late February, something like sub ezamin, uh: /
In general, frightens me a little bit, because I do not have skonkretyzowanych plans for the future. I only know that I want to do something that I will cause a lot of fun and even more money
Besides, I wanted to know English well.
I want to evade the entire U.S.
I want my parents and I love you as long as you live.
I want to have a family.
I want to be happy.
The rest will come itself somehow

I do not think in terms of "what will I do after that direction," I study what interests me. Anyway, from next academic year shall carry probably the second direction so we'll see
I would like to work

As to the place of residence ... I am happy with this move, because it wanted to assume the same topic. I intend to live in a country where I felt good. I do not know if it will be Poland. EN advantage over the other options will undoubtedly lies in the fact that I have family here and I can freely communicate with each. But not satisfied with my current political and economic situation. I do not think I would rather have many scruples to leave. But what, time will tell.
Angels who are Satan's ideas are very patient with devils.
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