I live in a semi detached house just outside the city limits of Katowice. The house isn’t too big, yet it’s perfect for the three of us. At the ground floor there is a spacious living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. The living room overlook a small garden  full of trees and flowers. My mother is into gardening and she really does her best to keep it as beautiful as it can be. In the middle of the kitchen there is a dining table for six. There are both a bathtub and a shower cabin in the bathroom. On the first floor there are two bedrooms and a study. My bedroom is all pale blue – they say that blue is the colour of calmness. Well, I do feel relaxed in it, so it looks what they say is true! Apart from a bed, there is a desk, a bookcase and a small wardrobe in it. There are dozens of books lying not only on the bookcase but on the floor, the bed and windowsill. I have read all of them – I love reading books. The study is my father’s workplace – he is a freelance architect and does all the work either at home or on-line. The room is filled with blueprints and hundreds of sticky notes. It’s always very untidy and no one, not even my mum tries to clean that mess up. My parent’s bedroom is very cosy, but I do not like it’s green colour – it’s way too bright for me (and also for my dad, but he would never admit that in front of mum – it was her idea to paint it green).