One day I decided / shred visit my aunt, because I have not seen / I shred her already long.   When I arrived / shred the place and knocked on the door she cheerfully greeted me and invited to środka.Kiedy so long talked reminded me of my friends that I met those wiosną.Janek, Tom, Stas and Peter they were great together everywhere we went, we had fun, and even once it came Janek stupid idea to go to the old house where supposedly straszyło.Jednak all agreed and we gained courage to go in there nocą.Gdy we were at home we had to shine flashlights because there was no electricity. We visited this house, but nothing was not scared until I heard the terrible krzyk.Wszyscy very przeraziliśmy I was also afraid to even go out because the outer door you had to go through the kitchen, and there was heard a high-pitched dzwięk.Kiedy already faded Peter went check what is there because everyone feared the move on .Piotrek walked to the kitchen, but he was also nervous about this whole sytuacją.Jednak after a few minutes he called us and showed little puppies and suczkę.Wszyscy laughed and took a bitch to my aunt who had no dog and gladly took care of Latka and her puppies.                  It was a really great time at my aunt in the countryside, I would like to relive the story
sory że niekture wyrazy są po polsku ale to tylko z przyzwyczajenia