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Shrek 2 (2004),
directed by Andrew Adamson,
Conrad Vernon and Kelly Asbury is animation comedy film.
The main stars are
Mike Mayers (Shrek), Eddie Murphy (Donkey), Cameron Diaz (Princess Fiona), Antonio Banderas (Cat in Boots), John Cleese (King Harold), Julie Andrews (Queen Lilian), Jennifer Saunders (Fairy Godmother), Rupert Evertt (Prince of Cartoon).

The film start like this :?Behind seven mountains, behind seven rivers there lived a big, green ogre?. Ogre whose name is Shrek is main character. This film tells about Shrek, his wife Fiona and his friends. When Shrek and Fiona came back from their honeymoon they found an invitation to a royal ball from Fiona?s parents. They travelled to the kingdom of Far Far Away. Parents were very surprised when they saw Shrek and angry. The ogre left the kingdom and resolved to drink magic mixture which matter that he will be beautiful men, but this change is not permanently. Unfortunately in this time his wife was in trap. Handsome Prince Charming wanted to marry Fiona. All in all Shrek arrived and saved wife from Prince Charming.
My favourite film is Troy. I saw it two years ago and I enjoyed it vary much. It first appeared in 2004. I saw it four times. A director of this film is Wolfgang Petersen. He is a German. The script was written by David Benioff . Troy is a historical film. The main actors are Brad Pitt (as Achilles), Orlando Bloom (as Paris) and Eric Bana (as Hector).
The plot starts when Paris takes Helen away from her husband, King Menelaus. The king of Greece is very mad because of this fact. He starts the war. His the best soldier is Achilles, but Achilles hates kings. Achilles’ friend chats with him. Achilles knows that he will be a hero so he decides to take part in the war. Two countries: Greece and Troy fight against each other, a lot of people die. Greece builds a big wooden horse and gives it Troy. Troy is takes it and treats it as a present from Greece. In the end Greece destroys Troy. Paris goes with Helen and he finds a bow. He kills the biggest hero of this war, called Achilles.
In my opinion the film is very good. First of all, I think the actors and actresses are acting brilliantly. Special effects are amazing. The only minus of the film is its music. It could be better. Music is boring, but the film is worth seeing. Do I like this film?. No, I do not like it! I love it. ‘I enjoy it’.
It is the best film I have ever seen. I recommended it to everyone.
Finaly Detinklater 3
Wendy took photos of her friend to her album. This was in a scary parc. A few people went to rollercoster. Wendy had a vision. Rolllercoaster destroyed .Wendy was shouting . People ecpaeed.Ashley and Oma went to Sollary and they burned .Necr men sexitsces that this was very gloody film and he is very improsolinaly . Frank was bored and he mlanee . And this film is very good and imfortaboe, cozium, synki and morefaxtion . And this is all of this film .