Hi Merry,
I'm writting later becouse I would ask you are well felt? In wether is very could and snow. I study a Spanish and play a rygby. I always would learn drive a my car. My boyfriend show me as lead a car yesterday. It was very eksciting. I had competition faires team friend next week. I hope that will great play:) I hope that go to Poland on holy Christmast and stay up for New Years.
Love Natussss:) <3
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi Martha, when you come the polish? How are you ? I hope that you are not sick? I unfortunately, I have to sit at home because I'm sick. Now I have a lot of free time and read many books.\nthe weather is bad, because it is raining and very cold.
You know, that i love london. you miss me? is godd in school?
regards end kiss
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