Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. I have been reading this book for two weeks.
2. I have been staying in this hotel for three days.
3. I have been playing for all evening.
4. I have been wainting for 15 minutes.
5. She has been cooking dinner for 1 hour.

1.I am with him since January.
2. She has been studying English since 2000.
3. They have been living in Poland since 1980.
4. He have been lerning Deutsch since 2006.
5. She has been having driving licence since 1998.
6. They have been staying in this hotel since Monday.
7. We haven't been eating meat since 1999.
8. You haven't been learning Polish since 2001.
9. She has been teaching since 2005.
10. He has been playing piano since 2007.