Complete the text with the past simple or present perfect of the verbs in brackets.

The Himalayas are one of the most beautiful places I (1.)________(ever visit). Unfortunately, thousands of Climbers and tourists (2.)_________ (go) there to climb Mount Everest, and these people (3.)_______(leave) a lot of rubbish behind!
Mount Everest is covered in rubbish from climbing expeditions, but the biggest piece of rubbish there is a helicopter .
It (4.)______(crash) on the mountain 1973.
Fortunately, all the passengers (5.)_____(survive), but they (6.)_____(leave) the helicopter there.Neobody (7.)_____(ever take) it away , so it (8)_________(be) there for more than thirty years.



1. visiti, 2 go, 3 leave, 4 crashed, 5 survived, 6leaved, , 7 take
8 2 8