Read the e-mail from Tania to the 'Our World' competition website . Answer these questions.

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1.What is she writing about?
2.Why does she like London?
3.What is their neighbourhood like?

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Sebject:Hello From London

Hi there !
We're in the 'Our World' competition . Here's a photo of our group.There are four of us in the group-Zeki,Rachel,Adam and Me ( Tania ).

Adam is into electronic planes. He plays the guitar and writes songs with Zeki. Zeki loves football but Adam isn't into sport. Rachel is my best friend . She likes singing. At School, she's good at science but I'm not. I like reading and I LOVE dancing too!

London is a great place because there are milions of things to do . We live in north London and our area is really multicurtural- like our group. Adam speaks Polish because his mum is from Poland . Zeki's parents are Turkish so he's bilingual, too . Rachel's parents are from Ireland and my grandparents are from Jamaica .

Bast Wishes and good luck from London !

Tania Dawson .



1.What is she writing about?

She's writing about her's friends . What they like to do and what they doesn't like to do .

2.Why does she like London?

She like London because "there are million things to do".

3.What is their neighbourhood like?

I tego nie wiem .
I nie jestem pewna czy tamte odpowiedzi są dobre . ^^ XDD
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