Read the e-mail from Tania to the 'Our World' competition website . Answer these questions.

Proszę o odpowiedź na pytania :

1.What is she writing about?
2.Why does she like London?
3.What is their neighbourhood like?

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Sebject:Hello From London

Hi there !
We're in the 'Our World' competition . Here's a photo of our group.There are four of us in the group-Zeki,Rachel,Adam and Me ( Tania ).

Adam is into electronic planes. He plays the guitar and writes songs with Zeki. Zeki loves football but Adam isn't into sport. Rachel is my best friend . She likes singing. At School, she's good at science but I'm not. I like reading and I LOVE dancing too!

London is a great place because there are milions of things to do . We live in north London and our area is really multicurtural- like our group. Adam speaks Polish because his mum is from Poland . Zeki's parents are Turkish so he's bilingual, too . Rachel's parents are from Ireland and my grandparents are from Jamaica .

Bast Wishes and good luck from London !

Tania Dawson .



1. Tania is writing about competition 'Our World'.
2.She like London because in this great place there are millions of things to do.
3. Their neighbourhood is multicultural.
1. Tina is writing about her group in "Our World" competition.
2. She like London because there are milions of things to do.
3. Her neighbourhood are mulitcultural.