Musze napisac cos o dziadkach po ang. ale mi sie nie chce do nich isc ,wiec napiszcie mi po wymyslone dane i wgl do babci : kiedy sie urodzila,gdzie sie urodzila,o jej rodzinie cos ,o telwizji ,o szkole, o weekendach,filamch i muzyce to wszystko ma byc jak byla mloda ;D Blagam :( Dam 50 !



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My grandmother is 79 years and when I asked her how it was in her time she told me that in her time it was only one TV in one village (I would not stand). She could not watch movies because television was on the other end of the village. On weekends with his mother geese grazed in pastures. When looked up I asked the holy communion l said that she was not at all feasts, such as it is now just after communion had to go graze geese. A grandfather is 83 years and supported only grandmothers. A fashionable clothes that could only be rich people and grandmother also told the fashion was very strange.