Warsaw - capital and biggest city polish < poland >, in central put country part < frequent >, on mazovia over river vistula. Warsaw is important european scientific center, cultural, political and economic. Headquarters of (seats of) parliaments are contained in (to) her (it) ( sejm and senate ), president polish republic, the cabinets of ministers and other central authorities. Warsaw is capital of mazovian province also. Warsaw is sole city in present borders characterized cross of silver war order polish < poland > ( Virtuti Militari but in history second (other) city polish < poland >, after lvov ). Majority blasted rebuild during war of antique, though they (their) appearance changing sometimes respect pre-war. Among others, royal lock (castle) belongs to such buildings. However, many valuable buildings exists in capital, which (who) have survived how (as) palace without greatest disruptions war, church Wizytek and church military training pokarmelicki. At cracow suburb Wniebowzięcia NMP if (or) presidential palace.
Warsaw is the biggest city in Poland. Warsaw is very beautiful. There are lots of monuments, museums, supermarkets and hotels. There are Kolumna Zygmunta, Pałac Kultury, Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego and more things to see to the people. There is Doll Museum too. Usually people are very nice and friendly. There are lots of school with very well playground for children. In Warsaw everyday we can go to the cinema or to the opera. On every street in Warsaw there are usually 5 banks. When I was in Warsaw I bought lots of souvernirs and I had very good time.