zad.2 podkreśl w tekście
1. I'm looking for
2. I'm
3. Do you fancy getting
4. My favourite hobbies / I'm also interested
5. I get on well with

1 I really enjoy
2 I quite like
3 I don't mind
4 I don't like
5 I can't stand

1. I am a bit ambitious.
2. Kate is a quite hard-working.
3. My best friend is very loyal.
4. Henry is a very tolerant person.
5. Toby is really shy.
6. My brother is an quite impatient person.

Hi, I'm (twoje imie) and I'm (twój wiek). I'm looking for e-mails pals of any age. I'm quite impatient. My friends say I'm funny, too.
I get on well with people who are like me. My hobbies are surfing in the Internet. Do you fancy getting in touch? Then e-mail me at (twój e-mail).

1. I can't stand the loud music.
2. I don't like to read books.
3. I don't mind the rainy weather.
4. I really enjoy free weekends.
5. I quite like breakfast cereals.

*co do challange nie jestem pewna:/