She-wolf Kiche to have five puppies: four were red and one gray. This gray cub was very wild and curious. One day, he-wolf did not bring any meat. Four cub's died. Later, the cub's father died too.
One day, when she-wolf searched food, gray wolf cub left the cave. He to meet yelow and dangerous animal. It attcked wolf cub. She-wolf come with help and safe cub.
Gray wolf don't hunt for funny, but killed for food. Then one day the she-wolf brought home a baby wildcat. She-wolf and wolf cub ate it. Later, came the wildcat mother. The she-wolf and wildcat mother started fight. Wolf cub and his mother killed wildcat, but she-wolf was very weak and sick. She can't hunt. When she back to the health, gone with gray cub with hunting.