Can I have two packets of Paracetamol, please.

Centainly, young lady. Anything else?


Oh, I want look suntanned...

Here'is a bottle of Hercules Body Bronzer. It really works!

Hi, kids! How are you, today?

I've got a headache but Tomek's OK.

Magda and Bartek have got stomachache. They're very ill.

It must be cafe, 'The Green Cat'. I can't eat their strange food.

Magda eat's it Maybe hat'swhy she's ill.

Actually, Tomek, you look a bit pale.No problem. I've got this! Hercules Body Bronzer
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Little cat went over the river, to see the fish. Mama cat warned them not to be emptied. However, it was like rolling off the fish, so thoughtlessly be emptied and fell into the water. Shouted loudly, but my mother did not hear him. He could call fish, but he feared that they would be wrong that he wanted to eat them. However, the melt and they cried. It turned out that the fish were not bad at it, but it was a bad mother. He promised that the fish do not eat them anymore.