-Good Morning
-Can I help you
-I looking for a t-shirt
-It's over there
-Thank you. Can I try?
-Yes, of cours
-It's too tight!
-What size are you?
-My size is M
-Thank you
-How musz do pain?
-It's Ł20
-Shall I wrap it up for you?
-Please. Goodbay!

Może być?
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-Good morning
-Hallo, can I help you?
-I'm looking for high heels shoes
-Let's try this.
-Oh, wonderful. I'll take it.
-Great, something else?
-I think.. maybe skirt?
-Let's see.. Try this.
-It's too small.. could you give me bigger?
-No problem.
-Much better.. but .. it is very expensive. What a shame.
-Maybe you want to try leather jacket?
-Why not. It's brilliant and cheap. I'll take it. How much I have to pay?
-It's Ł80
-Thank you so much.
-Me too. See you soon, i hope.
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