Michael Joseph Jackson is a singer, composer,
choreographer and music producer. Called the "king
pop "has had the greatest number of items sold
CDs in the history of records - more than 210 million

Jackson was born in Gary in the U.S.
Indiana. Is the seventh of nine children
Katherine and Joe Jackson. On stage debut in
1964 Team Jackson 5, which performed well
his older brothers Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon. In
Between 1965-1968 the team won numerous Jackson
competitions for young talents and gave the first two
single "Big Boy" and "We Don''t Have To Be Over 21".

Signed in 1968 by the Jackson Five a record deal
with the prestigious Motown, they released their single
"I Want You Back" (1969), which has reached the first
Billboard album chart position. Thanks to Michael became a
the youngest artist in history, the song was featured
on top of that deemed most important in the U.S. list
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