Mam na jutro do napisania list po angielsku czy tkos byłby tak miły i mi go napisał PROSZE
a wiec ten list ma byc do kolezanki od ktorej dostalismy prezent urodzinowy i musimy jej opowiedziec o swoich urodzinach to ja powiem w punktach co musi byc pierwsze
- podziękowanie za prezent ktory dostalismy od niej
-powiedz co to za prezent i go opisac
-co robiłas podczas swoich urodzin
-jakie prezenty dostalismy
-podziękowac jeszcze raz



Dear Friend,
How are you? I hope you are well and looking forward to my reply.
As you know I celebrated my birthday and I was surprised when some day the postman went to my home and gave me a package. Obviously it was a present from you . I would like you to thank you for this gift so much! This blouse suits me very well . Additionaly I like the colour of it . It is green and just perfect for me.My guests gave me cosmetics and CD player so I am personally glad becuase of it. During my celebration I met with my friends and went together to the cinema and were watching some scary movie but I liked it.
Thanks for the gift once again.
Best wishes,
(your name)