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Traffic participant is obliged to comply with traffic regulations, in particular:

· Commands and signals given to the people directing traffic,

· Signal light

· Trade traffic,

· Standards contained in the legislation (the right of way at the crossroads of equivalent rail vehicles, emergency vehicles in the traffic),

3. Pedestrians are obliged to use the sidewalk or other pedestrian way (path), in the absence of such a road - the shoulder:

* Pedestrian walking on the shoulder or the roadway is required to go on the left side of the road

* In case of closure of the pavement to traffic, pedestrians should walk on the road next to the sidewalk, unless the pedestrian traffic was directed to another part of the road,

* Pedestrians in the absence of the sidewalk or shoulder, may use the road bike, but they are obliged to give way to cyclists

* Column pedestrians can move only on the right side of the road,

* Number of people walking on the road in the column next to each other shall not exceed four, and columns of the military - six,

* Column foot to 10 years can move only in twos, and that on the pavement,

* Pedestrian crossing the roadways or trackway is required special care,

* In addition to passing pedestrian crossing the road is allowed only on condition that this does not cause safety hazards, pedestrians must give way to vehicles that,

* The built-up area, on the road with two carriageways or on the trams torowisku isolated from the pedestrian street can only use the pedestrian crossings,

4. It is prohibited to pedestrians:

* Entering the roadway:

- Directly in front of a moving vehicle, including a pedestrian crossing,

- Outside of vehicle or other obstacle limiting the visibility of the road

* Going through the street in places with limited visibility of the road,

* Release step or stopping without a legitimate need while going through roadways or trackway,

* Walking on torowiskach,

* Entering the trackway when półzapory firewall or are abandoned or started leaving

* Passing the road in a place where security devices or barrier separating the road (path) for pedestrians from the street or sidewalk, without reasons for this, which side of the road they are located.