Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My favourite program TV is Bar. This program is about life. People close on arena and wage life. They work truth Bar and get money. This program is very popular. In saturday are hot chairs. I like this program because is a lot scandals. It is 17.45 and 19.30 every day. Winner get to award new Porsche Boxter too 300zł. My favourit is Ewelilna because is pretty and have lot positiv features. I don't like Karolina
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My favorite television channel is nSport. because I enjoy football.
There I see a lot of other sports.
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My favorite TV program is ,, Guinness World Record's ". I'm really love in many of extrime thing what people can to do. Gimnastic is probably the best of all disciplins, it's look like be easy but its not so sweet and simple. Evryone who wanna be a good gymnastic must be patient and prepered to hardworkin. That's all arguments why i like that program.
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