Some people can sing, some people can draw or write, they are very talented because they're artists! But we should know that some people aren't artist but they have very speciall talent, they can beat the records! Their feats are being written in the Book of Guinness World Records...
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Breaking records is always a big event, not only for the person, who did it.
I think everyone wants to be admired for doing things, that are difficult or not possible to perform for an ordinary people. We should not forget about the pride, that bursts in, when we set up a new record. Everybody knows, that there are many kinds of sport, where we can do it, but sport is not the only thing. There are many ways, where we can set up new record in our normal life, for example, as the best worker or best friend. (...)

Możliwości, jak zacząć, jest bardzo wiele. Nie wiedziałem jak długie ma być to wypracowanie, więc napisałem troche więcej, jeśli za dużo to skróć troche.
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