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Dzisiaj byłeś/byłaś ze swoim kuzynem w zoo. Po powrocie opowiadasz o wycieczce koledze/koleżance ze Stanów Zjednoczonych. Powiedz mu/jej:
- o interesującym zdarzeniu, które miało miejsce podczas wycieczki,
- jak do niego doszło.
- jaki wpływ miało to zdarzenie na resztę dnia.

Proszę o pomoc. Z góry dziękuję ;*



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
A Hello, how was your day
B Nice, and yours
A Trryfing! I have to tell you sbout something was has happeded.
B What
A I went to the zoo with my coisin Tom and we were watching and looking at the animals. We wanted to see some wild mammals and suddenly..
B what what
A we saw a lion out of the cage!
B How did it happen
A On men from the staff, who was feeding the cat, had forgotten to close the cage!
B And what you did
A We run away! We had to change our plans totally and we went to the cinema
Zdający - I was in zoo with my cousin today.
Egzaminator - Oh, really? Did you spent a good time there??
Zdający - Yes, I saw many animals, but there was an accident!!!
Egzaminator - Oh my God!! What happened??
Zdający - One of the tigers broke the lock of it's cage and opened the door.
Then it ran into crowd and attacked a young boy.
Egzaminator - Is he all right??
Zdający - He only got a few scratches, but security guards has ordered everybody to leave. Then, they said, that tiger attacked him, because he had an ice cream in his hand. I wonder, what might happen, if the tiger was hungry. After all of that, I feel so worried, that I can't eat anything.