Zadanie jest takie:dopisać dalsze przygody dzieci.

It was a bright sunny morning .Mike and Minnie were walking slowly throught the forest .They were talking quietly .The birds were singing sweetly .Suddenly the heard a loudly noise. What's that Mike asked nervous . I'm afraid it's That Thing again... Minie said weakly.

Potrzebne szybko prosze i z góry dzięki <<DAM NAJ>> :))



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Suddenly they saw a red dragon that was flying using his collosal wongs! The fire was everywhere! ,What can we do, asked the girl, ,I dont now, run away..., but in the same time the dragon hit Monnie with his enourmous tail! She fell down and lost her mind. Mike grabbed a sword whih was on the grass and attacked the dragon. He wounded the creature between its eyes. It has collaposed! Mike run to Minnie and told her ,dont stop breathing, everything is going to be all right,
It was a bright sunny morning .Mike and Minnie were walking slowly through the forest .They were talking quietly and birds were singing sweetly . Suddenly they heard a loudly noise. What was that?? - Mike asked nervous. I'm afraid, it's "That Thing" again... - Minnie said weakly.
Mike has looked around and asked:
-Did you see anything??
- No, but we should get out of here. - answered Minnie.
Mike asked:
- Wait, It was a terrible scream, wasn't it??
- Yes, maybe someone is there and... You know... "That thing" attacked him.
- So we should help him! - said Mike and he moved closer into the source of that noise.
- Don't go there! Something might happen to you! Beside I don't want to be alone. - said Minnie.
- I'll be fine. Don't worry. I'll come back within a minute. - answered and disappeared between the trees.
- I can't just stay here. It's too dangerous, I'm sorry Mike. - thought Minnie, and she started to ran to the end of the forest. When she was running, she heard another loudly noise and she knew, who did that.