1)Jakie miejsca kojarzą Ci się z tymi wyrazami?
a) books, reference books
b) tickets, trains
c) coach, referee
d) fields, hills
e) stitches, bandage
f) stamp, envelope
g) bread, chease
h) craters, space junk

2) Uzupełnij zdania właściwym zwrotem.
a) Hurry up! the train...... (will leave, is going to leave)
b) I'm hungry. I..... (will make you a sandwich, am going to make you a sandwich)
c) I've got a headache. I..... (will give you a tablet, am going to give you a tablet)
d) The President is ready. He.... (will speak, is going to speak)



1. a) book shop or library
b) railway station
c) football field
d) land
e) hospital
f) post office
g) grocery
h) universe

2. a) is going to leave
b) will make you a sandwich
c) will give you a tablet
d) is going to speak
A) library
b) bus, cinema,
c)playground to play football,tournament
d) meadow,
f)post office,the tax office
g) bakehouse,fast food
h) world

Hurry up! the train will leave.
I'm hungry. I am going to make you a sandwich
I've got a headache. I am going to give you a tablet
The President is ready. He will speak