Mary and her dad were going for a stud, which was far away from their city, when they noticed a hitch-hiker on a road. Mary's dad stopped and a girl came into the car. She was about 16 years old. She said that she is going home. She passed them her address, and because it was along their road, they decided to give her a lift. The girl was quiet by whole trip, she didn't tell anything, she stared at a window only. When the car arrived to the indicated by girl address, Mary and her dad turned back to say her good-bye, they noticed that there wasn’t anybody on back seat … like their passenger would vanish in air! Both were shocked, so that they decided to look to a house which was showed by the girl. A woman, who unlocked them, was very nice. She was Eva's - our mysterious passenger's mum. Mary and her dad couldn't believe their ears when it turned out that Eva died in a car incident, which happened last year in that place where Eva got to their car…

jak chce to morzesz to skrócić
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