Scotland – before independent kingdom, at present component parts of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. He is spreading through the north part of the island of Great Britain and Hebrydy, Orkady and the Shetland Islands. From the south he is bordering with England. Landscape in the majority upland and mountain. Moderatly warm climate, outstandingly sea. In the North of Scotland of the Mountain Kaledońskie and Grampiany, in the South Południowoszkocka is scything all of. In the centre little Lowland Środkowoszkocka concentrating the bigger part of the population. Św is a patron of Scotland. Andrzej. With flower being characteristic of Scotland, as the region ranked among Great Britain, there is a thistle. In 2005 r. 42 % populations of Scotland was involved in a Calvinistical Church of Scotland which is from 1560 r. With nationalist church. The church of Scotland isn't a state church (from 1921), and „ national ” (national church), that is Scotland has the indirect form between the separation of Church and State (Wales, Northern Ireland), and with established church like in England.