Bardzo bym prosiła odpowiedzi na te pytania:
-Do you prefer to watch a film at the cinema or on video?why?
-If you watch a film in another language, do you prefer it to have subtitles or a voiceover?why?
-what kind of films do you prefer?use these words to help you.
-do you like adverts?why/why not?
-Look at these tv adverts.what do you think they are advertising?

dziekuje bardzo;*



1)I prefer to watch a film in cinema because there I can set with my frends.
2)I prefer the voiceover because Ilike it and I can now what they talk about and I dont need to read the text.
3)I like the Horror Becouse in romenc i won't to sleep in. In horror i littelbet scared but I liked this movie.
4)I don't like adwert becaus they bored.
5)No they arent I hate it Iwont to wach a comedy film not adwerts