15 zdan ze slowami:
[ Wybrac tylko jenda forme z kazdego "zastawu" ]

get---got----got (dostawac)
grow---grew---grown (rosnac)
hand---hung---hung (wisiec)
hear---heartd---heard (slyszec)
learn---learnt---learnt (mowic)
lend---lent---lent (pozyczyc)
lose---lost---lost (przegrywac)
make---made---made (zrobic)
meet---met---met (poznawac)
put---put---put (wkladac)
read---read---read (czytac)
ride---rode---ridden (jezdzic)
run---ran---run (biegac)
buy---bought---bought (kupowac)
cut---cut---cut (ciac

Prosze pomóżcie mi
to bardzo wazne!

z gory dzieki:)



I got my first bike when I was 6 years old.
When i grow up I wanna be a rock star.
I heard your voice through a photograph.
I learn English every day.
I lent you a book for a week.
I lost my keys.
I make dinner for my family every day.
I met my soul mate.
I put my coat on.
I read a lot of books.
I ride to school by bus every Friday.
I`m going to run tomorrow.
I bought a new dress and skirt.
I cut your hair.
1.I have got a ball.
2.I wanna grow old with you
3.my poster hung on the wall
4.can you hear me
5 I learn english everyday
6 I lend book yesterday
7 I lose my keys in park.
8.I make a cake.
9. We will meet actor tomorrow
10To put it in a nutshell, I think all this is a load of nonsense!
11 I read fantastic book
12 I ride on horseback
13 I run fastly very
14 today i buy a cap
15 i cut my hair
I got yesterday a new computer.
My brother grows up too fast!!!
Photos hand near the cupboard.
I can't hear this voice.
He lent me 2 pounds.
We lose our money in casino.
She made up her bed.
I like buy clothes.
My brother doesn't like read books.
Put up your sweatshirt because it's cold outside.
In Spain I met my boyfriend.