Przeczytaj informacje poniżej i na ich podstawie napisz krótki tekst. Przynajmniej raz uzyj wyrazów but oraz however.

tytuł: The Empire State Building
Height: 381 metres Floors: 102
Age: about 80 years old Visitors: 4 milion a year

Films: King Kong (climbs it and falls off it).
Independence Day (aliens destroy it), Sleepless in Seattle (Tom Hanks meets Meg Ryan at the top).

Highest building in New York - NOT in the USE (Sears Tower in Chicago is higher).
Most popular tourist attraction in New York - NOT in the USA (Disneyworld Florida is more popular).



The Empire State Building is very hight but not the highest one however its very hight its 381 meters hight and it has 80 floors.well known movie was made there its called "King Kong". The Empire State building is is popular tourist attraction in New York but not the most popular one however one of the most.

mam nadzieje że pomoże jakby jakieś zwroty były nieznane ci to napisz pm :D

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