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If I had to I'd like to move to Egypt. I'd like this place because it's hot there and I like when it's hot. Egypt is also a place that has its hisotry and it makes egypt so interesting. Knowing that milion years ago people were building pyramids that are looking so great makes this area even more mysterious.They have spent ages building them and put so much of work in that. I've never seen in my eyes a pyramid and I'd love to do it. Egypt has its own flowers which I'd really to see. There animals are different than here too. Egyptians are having nice clothes. Egypt is really beautiful. I think Egypt would be really a great place to live in.
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Best if I moved to Egypt. It is a beautiful place! I love the sun, and sand. I am fascinated by the pyramids and other rustic structures. It would be nice to look out the window and see the desert. I always wanted to go out there and my dream is to live there! I want to ride on camels, swim in the Nile. I have never been in such a warm country! Always interested me was there kutura. I think that Egypt is a great place to life!
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