Chcesz zorganizowac wycieczke dwudniowa. Napisz ogloszenie w którym:
-poinformujesz jaki jest planowany cel wycieczki
-podasz kiedy sie odbedzie i jak dlugo potrwa
-ile kosztuje
-podasz gdzie i o ktorej godzinie odbedzie sie zbiorka



During the week, December 29 trip will be held on ecology main purpose will be advised of his younger children about respecting nature. Will last all day
Check the one person costs 15 zł. Collection will take place at 6.00 at a bus stop in i tu sobie wpisz gdzie
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I would like to organize a two day trip to London. We're going to visit most popular places like London Eye, Tower of London or Buckingham Palace. The trip is planned on 15th to 17th December and it would cost only 100 PLN including food and accommodation. The prize is very good, so if you are interested in, come to our meeting at the common room in our school at 3 p.m. You'll see a great things and also meet interesting people! I hope to see you there!
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