Przeczytaj poniższy tekst.Przyporządkuj jego poszczególnym fragmentom 1-4 nagłówki a-e. Jeden nagłówek nie pasuje do żadnego fragmentu.

a)Safe and happier in a new palace
b)Diffrent reasons for going west
c)The long jurney
d)Gold diggers go west
e)Difficult conditions of living

Wild, Wild West

1.In the 1880s milions of people left their homes in the east of the United States and went to Oregon and California in the American West.Some went to lok for gold, but many were farmers. They wanted land a better life.

2.They travelled in covered wagons. Oxen pulled the wagons, because they were strong and didn't eat a lot of food. The yourney took many months, and life was hard. When the pioneers arrived at the end of their new lives as farmers in the West began.

3.Their life wasn't easy.Only a few found gold and got rich quickly but for most of them it was a hard experience. Sometimes they didn't have a food or medical help.They had to protect their farms and families. Many of them died and lost everything.

4.To protect themselves some of the families preferred living in towns to living on farms.In towns sheriffs were responsible for the safety of the people who lived there. After some time the towns grew bigger the people became richerr and they could say that they found a better home in the west.



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