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Someone stole my car.
I heard something strange when I got into elevator.
She laid something on the table.
There was no one here but me.
He bought nothing special.
My keys were nowhere.
I was looking them anywhere.
Is anything in a fridge?
Can anyone help me?
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Someone , something , somewhere, no one , nothing , nowhere , anywhere , anything , anyone

Someone has stolen my bag.
I saw something trere.
my pen was somewhere.
No one told could tell me about it.
There was nothing.\
It wasn't anywhere.
Ididnt do anything.
Anyone can stop me.
Nowhere tell me.

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1. Someone called police, because they arrived by five minutes.
2. Is something wrong? You look unhappy.
3. Remember that no one lives forever.
4. I'm bored, because there's nothing to do.
5. The Courage dog lives in a village named "Nowhere" :)
6. I'll find it, anywhere it is.
7. Is there anything in fridge?
8. Will anyone help me?!
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