1.bill for max is his GRANDSON
2.sam for leon is HIS BROTHER IN-LAW
3.patricia for joan is HER DOUGHTER
4.miriam for tom is HIS NICE
5.bob for bill is HIS COUSIN
6.patricia for leon is HIS SISTER IN-LAW
7.bob for tom is HIS NEPHEW
8.max for leon is HIS FATHER IN-LAW
9.sally for bill is HIS AUNT
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My name's Ann. My mum's name's Kate and my dad is Chris. Emma is my little sister and I have two brother. Their name are Phil and Paul. Alex and Mia are my grandparents. They're my dad's parents. My dad has a brother. His name is James. James' wife is Sabrina. Amanda is my grandmum and Stev is my grandfather. They're my mum parents.

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