Dear Tom!

I write to you, because you must meet my family.
I have got two brothers. My brother Adam is 20 years old. He has got short brown hair and green eyes. He is slim. He studying geography.Since I can remember always sat and studied maps. He also liked to travel. My second brother name is Daniel. He has got blond hair and blue eyes. He;s 18 years old.He learns in high school. He like mathematics. I have got two sisters. They are twins. They're 10 years old. They have got long blond hair and blue eyes.They are slim. They are very beautiful. Ania like biology and
Art, Sylwia like Music. She plays the piano. My dad name Krzysztof and he is a doctor. He has got short, brown hair and brown eyes. He is tall and slim. He works ind hospital. I admire him for that job, and when I grow up I want to be a doctor. My mum name Olga and she is a teacher. She has got long, brown hair and green eyes. She is very slim. She learns History. She is very clever. I love my parent because they are very helpful when I've got a problem. I love my siblings. I know I can always count on their help.
I have got a dog. It's Drops. It is very clever and obedient. This all.
See you soon.
X < --- podpis
Welcome tomek!
At me all is well. I live with my mother, father and brother. My brother is 15 years old and interested in the sport. It has a high-haired and blue eyes. My mother is 40 years and an accountant. Dad is a teacher of Polish language. We still have a dog is a German shepherd. Waiting for an answer.
Hi, Patryk.
How are you? In my family are six people. I,my sister Ewa, my sister Iwona, my mum Genowefa and my father Eugeniusz.
My first sister has got blond hair and blue eyes. She like play in basketball and dancing. My second sister has got twenty-six years old. She is blue eyes and long, brown hair. She is tall and beautiful.. She like wering jeans and warm jumper. She is prefer casual style.
My mum has got fourty-five yaeras old,so she is elderly. She working a lot of and she spend time in home.
My father is old, and has got fifty-eight years old.
He has got short brown hair,and blue eyes. He is very slowly person. I love my parents, because is very very helpful and frienfly.
See you soon.