1.Ułóż 9 zdań z wyrażeniami w czasie przeszłym Past Simple

burglar , break into the house , climb through the window , valuable jewels , tie to a chair , run away , steal valuable jewels , watch the burglar , a witness , telephone the police , start the investigation , find some clues , take fingerprints , question the witness , detective , catch the thief , arrest the thief , go to prison

2.Napisać list do kolegi o ostatnich wakacjach.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
A burglar broke into the house.
He climbed through the window to steal some valuable jewels.
He tied a woman to a chair and ran away.
The burglar stole some valuable jewels.
A witness watched the burglar and he telephone the police.
They started the investigation and foundsome clues.
The police took fingerprints and questioned the witness.
Finally the detective caught the thief.
The detective arrested the thief and he went to prison.

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