For breakfast I usually eat sandwitch witch cheese and ham and I drink milk. I like also cornflakes with milk.

For lunch I eat apple and orange or joghurt. Sometimes i drink orange juice.

For dinner first I eat soup and then I eat spaghetti. I like also tomatos and chicken

My favourite breakfast is egg.
My favourite lunch is sandwich.
My favourite dinner is soup
In the morning I don't eat very much, beacuse then I feel comfortable. In the morning for breakfast I usually eat cornflakes and I like it. It good for me and I can do it very fast. I eat this always before I go to school.
I always eat lunch at the school with my friends. I do my lunch for school myself. It almoust always 2 sandwiches with ham and cheese. I don't say that I really like it, but I have to eat fast in school. But when I'm in home (at the weekend) I eat lunch with my family or friends and than I eat something similar.
At the dinner I eat very different meals. My mum likes do strange meals and I like it, so I haven't one favourite meal, but I like pasta :).