Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I get up at seven o'clock. I eat breakfast. I brush my teeth. Leter I go to school. After school I always do my homeworks. Next I eat dinner with my family. I sometimes play computer games. I usually watch TV. I sometimes draw. I like drawing. I go to modern dance twice a week. I love dancing. I seldom play chess. I often meet with my friend. I go to the cinema with my friend. I visit my aunt. She lives away my home. I go to sleep a ten o'clock p.m.
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I always get up at 6.30 am When I brush teeth I eat breakfast. I often eat sandwich with cheese and orange juice. Next I go to school. I usually finish school at 15. pm. When I back to home I eat dinner. After that I sometimes play comupeter games. I rarely read books, beacause I don't like books. Next I do my homework. Later I have a shower. I never go sleep before 22 pm. because I like watching films at evening.

Opis jest prosty, ale mam nadzieje że pomogłam
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I always get up a 6 o clock . I brush my teeth , I dry my hair , I eat breakfest . I often eat Cornflakes I never eat cheese , because I don't like . Next I leave home and I go to school. When I back to home I eat dinner , next I do my homework. Usually I meet my friends. When I back to home , I have a shower. Next I go to bed and I dream ;) .
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