Proszę o napisanie śmiesznego mitu po angielsku na 1 i pół strony w zeszycie. Proszę aby pojawiły się tam jakieś śmieszne wątki. Chodzi o to że na przykład jest sobie Zeus i on jest właścicielem np. TESCO i on prowadzi razem z jego współ pracownikam i wojnę z innym sklepem. Nie może się to wiązać z innym mitem ale bohaterzy mają być z mitologii. JCT pisać do mnie.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Many moons ago, There was a peacefull shop called Tesco. His Boss Zeus loved his job. He helped people if they were in need. Everyone loved him. But one day on the opossite side of street some bisnesman finansed from Europe union built a SUPERMARKET. Zeus didn't care about it cose he knew that all the poeople will still buy in his shop. But the bisnessman Called Odyn send his son Thor to destroy tesco. Zeus saw all that situation and he sand Ares to kill Thor. After few days steeling fight Ares won. Odyn in his sadness cried by 3 years making see by his tears. Whole town tried to make odyn happy but all those tries wents for nothing. After next 3 years Zeus went to Odyn and sad that they must stop this war. Odyn sad that they will be test in three probe. First of it was to jump over the see odyn jumped first but he tripped while jumping and land his face into wather. Zeus jumped and he make it. Sacound probe wat to jump as higher as it's posible. Zeus jumped and hi didn't land for 3 hours. Odyn didn't jumped for 3 long days. So it was one to one. The last test was to date with ugly girl. Odyn chosen an eanglish teacher from nearby standing School, goddamn she was ugly. Byt Zeus choos chemist's teasher and the worst thing was that she was trazwenstit. So Zeus won and hie could at last Work in peacefull Warsaw.