Napisz list po angielsku o dowolnym sporcie:

w pierwszym akapicie : wstęp, o jakim sporcie piszesz
w drugim akapicie: przedstawic krotka historie tego sportu
w trzecim akapicie:odpowiedziec dlaczego ten sport jest fajny?
w czwartym akapicie: jakies dodaatkowe informacje o tym sporcie
w piatym akapicie: zakonczenie

List ma byc napisany na 120-150 słów :)



Dear Scarlett

I want write you about my favourite sport - It's net.
The originator of the rules of the game in volleyball was the American William Morgan - physical education teacher. February 9, 1895 took place at the local gym created by the premiere screening of his discipline, which was then called "Mintonette".
On 18-20 April 1947, when Congress in Paris, brought into being the International Federation of Volleyball. [!]
I like this sport because is very popular. good at her game a team.
Now I write what the game at net and its principles. The game is to bounce the ball so that it flew over the net and hit the enemy halfway. Each team can perform three reflection - reception, exhibition and attack. Each subsequent is a mistake. Points are earned in many ways.
at the end ask if you also like this sport?

Greetings and kisses
Klaudia !
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Beach handball is a variation of handball. The first tournament was played 20th July 1992 at St. beach. Anthony Ponza, which is the official date of birth of this sport discipline. The idea was to be a combination of sport and fun. Over time, however, was noticed by the International Handball Federation, which in 1994 created the first "official" version of the game. Since then, beach handball is growing rapidly around the world gaining more popularity. Became an official sport with its own rules and championships.
The rivalry is between two teams, each of which consists of 3 players and 1 goalkeeper. Match lasts 2 half of 10 minutes each, and each of them need to determine the winner. The game is using the hands, it is permissible to "throwing" on the ball. Ground game has dimensions of 27 x 12 meters, and its surface is sand. In the course of the match wins the goal, where "Simple gateway" is 1 point, and "spectacular goal" is 2 points. These goals determine which team will win a particular half of the match. Wins the game while the team that scores the most known. "match points" (mid-match winning = 1 match point, winning the two halves match = 2 points). Play-offs take place in the so-called. system, "SHOOT-OUT".
Together with friends we like to play it because it is very unique and enjoyable game
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