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8.Preparation you are going to write a brochure for a sports and health club . Make notes to answer the questions .
1.What's the name of your club and where is it ? .
2.Why is it the best?Who goes there? .
3.What has the club got?
4.How canpeople spend their time at the club?.
5.What specialists are there ? .
6.How do people feel when they leave ? .

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Are you tired of expensive health clubs? You don't want to excersise in stinking gym? Then you should visit our modern sport centre "Active". You don't pay much for the most luxurious thing there. You can purhase a membership card and pay less!
Sportcentre "Active" located on the 3 Maja street next to the cinema "Multikino". It is opened every day (apart from Sunday)from 8 am to 10 pm.We have 5 huge gyms: one fitness gym, where you can do joga or aerobic with our professional coaches, a swimming pool and one sport gym where you can try weight-lifting. There are also a basketball and volleyball gyms and a restaurant with only healthy food and drinks. In our sport centre work few specialists, who can tell you how to become stronger or get rid of few calories and how to eat healthy.
We have noticed that people feel happier and look stronger after 45 minutes of training in our sport club. 90% of them come back to us again! Football players from our representation, some poiticians and singers have already visited our sport centre. Don't be last - come here today!
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