Imagine you are on holiday. Use the paragraph plan below to write a letter to your friend describing the place(100-120words).
-say where are you?
-say where you are staying and what the weather is like?
-sights you have seen/activities
-food you have tasted/good and bad experience
-end the leatter



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear friend,

a few days ago I arrived by plane to Spain. I'm in Barcelona at the moment. The place itself is a
amazing. A lots of friendly people, great atmoshere. Everybody speaks spannish only so it's bit difficult to comunicate, but that makes my stay here more excited.
The weather here is wonderful. The sun is shining every day, a soft wind blowing- in one word- great.
I'm saying in a hotel close to the beach, so it's very easy to get to swim in the sea. The room is very comfortable. And the food is very tasteful too, just very unhealthy.
A lot of sea food and baked potatos- but that's what holiday is for.
I walked around in the city and visited a lot of gaudis projects, beautiful churches and buildings.
It's a wonderful place . You should visit it too.
I'll be back in one week then we can talk more about it.

Lots of love,
(podpisz sie)
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