I would rather live in the countryside because :
First, the city is various factories, which produce too much carbon-dioxide.
Secondly, in the village there are more trees and other plants that produce oxygen is not superfluous to life on earth.
Thirdly, the city runs more cars, which also produces a variety of gases.
The next argument is the peace and quiet.
For people who value peace and quiet village is an ideal place of residence.
The city is too big crowd, and most people carried from town to village.
How well we know a lot of writers, their work is comprised in the countryside because the city could not concentrate because it was too much noise.
In villages, people have their own houses, gardens and orchards. Thanks to better food because we practice it and know that there is no any chemical in the substance.
In the countryside, children can watch a variety of animals. Children who live in cities, most are familiar with dog, cat and birds. They do not know really looks like a horse, cow or sheep.
To sum up everything that goes on is truly better to live in the countryside than in cities. I am a supporter of the village. In the countryside is to his apartment in the block have to behave quietly.

Wolałym mieszkać na Wsi to miejsce gdzie ludzie zajmują się uprawą roślin i zwierząt. W dzisiejszych czasach ludzie przechodzą z miast do wsi. Na początku zacznę od tego ze na wsi jest czystsze powietrze.
Po pierwsze, w mieście znajdują się różnorodne fabryki, które wytwarzają zbyt dużo dwutlenku-węgla.
Po drugie, w wiosce jest więcej drzew i innych roślin, które wytwarzają tlen nie zbędny do życia na ziemi.
Po trzecie, w mieście jeździ więcej samochodów, które także wytwarzają różnorodne spaliny.
Następnym argumentem jest cisza i spokój.
Dla ludzi którzy cenią cisze i spokój wieś jest idealnym miejscem zamieszkania.
W mieście jest zbyt duży tłok, i dlatego większość ludzi przeprowadza się z miasta do wsi.
Jak dobrze wiemy dużo pisarzy tworzyło swoje dzieła właśnie na wsi dlatego że w mieście nie mogli się skupić gdyż był za duży hałas.
W wioskach ludzie mają swoje własne domy, ogrody i sady. Dzięki temu mają lepszą żywność gdyż sami ją uprawiają i wiedzą ze nie ma w niej żadnych chemicznych substancji.
Na wsi dzieci mogą obserwować różne zwierzęta. Dzieci które mieszkają w miastach najczęściej znają psa, kota i ptaki. Nie wiedzą tak naprawdę jak wygląda koń, krowa czy owca.
Sumując wszystko wychodzi na to że naprawdę lepiej mieszkać na wsi niż w miastach. Ja sama jestem zwolenniczką wsi. Na wsi ma się swoje mieszkanie a w bloku trzeba zachowywać się cicho.
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Always interested me, rural atmosphere. I knew that the village is quieter than in town, but really had no idea that so may be wonderful in the country. I realized it even more, as I was on vacation with his aunt.
At first I was a little skeptical, however, to spend two weeks in the country, not having a computer, network access, as well as your friends. As if all this was still in my little town was to be a concert soon. Opposed to parents that send me to the country, but it helped a lot. No more than three days, sitting in a cart full of hay with my aunt, wondering how life goes on my estate. Rural life was for me to be free and boring. Just work all day. Come here for a weekend respite from city noise, it is still reason, but to be here for two weeks, that's an exaggeration. Well, not much I could wskórać.
On the third day spent in the countryside, uncle took me to the field. I tried to defend himself as I could, but eventually I gave up uprosić. When I saw that work in the field combined with the excesses may be nice, my attitude has changed. Quickly joined the fun with cousins. We started to chase and fall over between snopkami. It is everything I liked. Have returned home under the same evening. Sat down to dinner, which my aunt did. Even the bread baked for us, which we ate with sausage and cheese. The food was delicious. Uncle asked us if we do not want to spend the night in the fresh hay in the barn. We agreed to in a moment.
The following days were similar. Uncle took us to the field in the morning, after lunch we had a moment of rest and fun to revisit the field work until dusk. On Friday, uncle told us that we were invited to weselisko in the village. To be honest, initially I did not like it, but I changed when it is already found. It was really a wonderful experience, yet perhaps never been at such a wedding. I liked how the guests were singing and roztańczeni. Tables almost gave way from the dishes. I had the opportunity to know a lot of wedding customs, which in no uświadczysz. Of course, the event ended until late morning, for it was probably already the ninth hour. I, too, with stryjkiem and aunt went to the house. Not rested long, because nothing of the Fourteenth poprawiny began, lasting until morning next day.
Work on the field lasted until Thursday. Harvest ended up slowly, church was brought to the barn. Together with cousins we had the great idea of a new play. Skakaliśmy of beams covered with the rye. However, we are bored of it after some time. On Friday we went along with stryjkiem bikes into the forest for the trip. We had an opportunity to look at the beauty of nature up close. We saw deer and hare, and some nice flowers. Everywhere I made a lot of pictures.
These are all nice experience, confirmed my belief that I want to move to the countryside. I know here has a lot of wonderful people who are delightful, and at the very appreciate the work. They have a sense of humor and know how to have fun. From these holidays I know that I can not live in a tiny flat in the city. We strongly desire a house in the countryside.
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