Mam mały problem z odrobieniem tego zadania:

Work in pairs.Take turnus to ask and answer these questions.
1.What time does school start?
2.How many lessons do you hawe every day?
3.What subjects do you study?
4.What time does school finish?
5.What do you do after school?
6.How much homework do you do?
7.How many hours a week do you study?

Mam dużo lekcji więc prosze o pomoc.....wybieram najlepszą odpowiedz....!!!! ;D



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. The school start at 8.00 a.m.
2. I usually have six, seven lessons.
3. I'm study Polish, Anglish, Maths, Science, PE, RE
4. The lessons end with a 13.15
5. After school I usually eat dinner and I'm study
6. I've got a lot of homework
7. I'm study 40 hours on week ..
2009-12-05T14:29:58+01:00 starts at 8. 00 o'clock
2. i have six lessons a dAY.
3. I study english polish maths history, science and PE.
4. school finises at. 13. 15
5. i do my homework and learn after school.
6. a lof of homework. sometimes of each subject
7. i study about 10 hours a week