Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
It was a sunny, summer day. I was going to the sport camp with my friends. I was very happy beacuse of that I could make me better. I love footbaal very much and that was the main sport on the camp. After six hours of boring driving we finally arrived on place. It was kind sick beacuse there weren't any people. We were shocked. I didn't know what's going on and I also started looking for other. Finally I found director of this camp and I firstly asked him about this situation. He told me that, date of camp had been moved and it will be in two weeks. I went to the ground unconscious. My friends took me to the car and they also told the director that we resign. When we came back home I told about that what happened to my mum and she was also shocked. My parents started to look for new camp for me and they found really brilliant. I was very happy and I forgot about these situation.

Proszę o najlepszą ;]
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