Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I'm writing to invite you to my birthday party. I'm going to celebrate it on Friday at 7p.m in my garden and I want you to come. I'm sure you will have a good time here. I'm going to make barbecue and in the evening i'm going to have fireworks.
Please indicate if you come.
Dear friend,

tomorrow evening I'm going to celebrate my birthday. I'd like to invite you for that party,
we will celebrate it at my place. There will be live band playing, great music from the 90's. My mum will prepare great snacks. You shouldn't miss it.
There is a possibity to play pool and darts, dance and sing- shortly, s lot of fun.
The party starts at18.00 o clock.

I hope to see you there tomorrow.

Best wishes.

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