Noo np.

I love when snow is falls. xD

Children throw snow-balls .

It's so cold . ;pp

Christmas is in December . ;p

There is a lot of snowmans . xD
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I love winter
Beautifull threes bathed in snow.
All voises and sounds disapered.
All animals go slepp.
Only me...and nobody else.
I must make a snowman.
Too quiet and empty is here.
I make a big snowball.
First, second and third.
I make a big snowman.
-carrot nouse
-mouth made of black stones
-and my grandmother hat
ohh, I almost forget about scarf.
long red scarf wrap on his neck.
yes, now is very better.
I'm not alone.
I heve a my cold friend

3 3 3
1. In winter is very cold.
2. In winter usually snow falls.
3. In winter is Christmas Day.
4. In winter you easy can be ill.
5. In winter every children have fun.
6. In winter people sing Christmas songs.
5 2 5